TV’s Sphere of Influence

I have been predicting ‘the end of TV as we know it’ for the last 10 years – ever since I started working on creating BT Vision in the early 2000s.  I believed then that the convergence of broadcast television with broadband-enabled interactivity had to change the way we experience television.  In those early days,

STB or not STB – that is the question…

With IBC fast approaching once again, I have been contemplating that perennial question – what is the future of the set-top box?  Let’s start with the basics – what does a consumer want from a set-top box?  I bet the answer is a combination of cheap, simple, fast, easy-to-use, small, portable, feature-rich, energy efficient and

My Top Ten 2011 TV Predictions

Happy New Year!  Time for me to put my money where my mouth is and deliver my top 10 TV predictions for 2011: 1) Cord-cutting is real and Over-The-Top (OTT) is the scissors 2010 has all been about debating whether cord-cutting is real.  Media dinosaurs doing ostrich impressions by arguing that customers are just moving

The Future of Television Over the Internet

Here is a video interview I did with Robin Banerji on television over the internet and the mix of internet and TV technologies.  It focusses on what I believe the new technologies will offer to those producing TV and web content in the future…